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Fuzzy Logic, a World of Warcraft guild on the Arathor server.

Welcome to the Fuzzy Logic website! Here you can learn about who we are and how the legendary Fuzzies keep themselves occupied.
Those of you who are interested in joining our team, please visit our forum where you can find more details and an application form.

 We are all nuts, are you?

Thank you for visiting our place, c'ya in Arathor!

Other Guild News

NiamhR, Aug 21, 09 7:30 PM.
Well after a little quiet time of raiding in FL, we took to Ulduar tonight and lo and behold we managed to get "The Bugger with the Big Arms" down so another victory chalked up to Fuzzy Logic!  Great work from everyone and for the first time in a while, we were oversubscribed!  Fret not though, dear Fuzzies, your time will come if you missed tonights raid.  We want to make this available to everyone so, apologies to those who didn't get to go.  Thanks to Doshu on his diminutive Paladin (hehe) for leading and please, lets keep these raids full and people into this content!

(and yes Stu, Badb did do more damage than yoooo before she had to heal, SLACKER!)

Love and hugs from the Offuzers


Shockmyballs, Jul 26, 09 4:58 AM.

Hello Guys,are you enjoying the summer? Been a few months since iwe lead a raid, did oneyesterday, I came unprepared, with a major hangover, but hey, we did down a newboss! Gratz to you guys! Good work :) anyways, I’m “kind of” back now, think I got my play time under control;)

So iwe made a few new raids for the coming two weeks, I hope we get to do some of em, and keep on progressing tru ulduar =) as it’s soon time for new content again x)

Just wanted to say it’s good to be back with you guys, and its bloody fun to see some new faces as well, hope I get to know all of you soon.

Take care guys, ill see you all ingame.  

Summertime and shit

Briola, Jun 22, 09 7:17 AM.
Ho Ho Ho and jinglebells and all that everyone!

Summer is really here now, both in rl and in WoW. We usually notice this by sun and warm weather outside and the number of raids declining and ppl leaving in the game. You all know that we had a fair lot of the latter happen the last few days, but I hope that doesn't make you feel discouraged because Fuzzy Logic will live on! I'll be damned if we will be beaten!
With this in mind I have to say.. sorry, but I am NOT leaving either! I join Badb in saying that I will remain here and so will all of my alts. You will just have to learn to live with the bantering :D

The number of raids might decline a bit now over the summermonths but don't sweat, they will be more frequent soon again :) If anyone would like to set up and lead any raids btw, let me know either in game or in a pm!

Have fun, banter a lot and c'ya in game ;-)

Summer is here!

Elereth, Jun 17, 09 2:45 AM.
Well good morning, you bunch of slackers!

Summer is coming, and it's been somewhat quiet in Fuzzy-progress-land. However I have good news! Flame leviathan and Razorscale have bitten the dust!

Flame Leviathan


Stay tuned for more kills!

Dwagons n stuff.

Shockmyballs, Apr 14, 09 12:59 AM.

Hai Boys and girls, freaks and gnomes of Fuzzy  Logic.

Its Mid April, Sun is smiling more and more, and Stu is getting happier and happier :)

Things have happened since last time I wrote, some are good, and others are bad.

First off, good to see Geeo playing more and more again, missed you in a freaky way:P It’s Good to see you as well Banz:)

I know I haven’t been on that much the past months, and that’s because my real life been really hectic, with moving to the new place, and work.

I’m getting settled in the new place as we speak, and it’s starting to look nice her hehe:P

Been some time since last time we gave mally a go now=/ well, hopefully we will have a new go again soon, want the Dwagon down!

Uldar is incoming fast now, and well, I’m not sure on how that’s gona work out, I still think we lack some discipline and focus when it comes to Naxx atm (myself included)

And looks like we “miss” some ppls atm, since Kaera have canceled loads of raids .

I just hope it will change soon :)

I would love to see some more ppls on the VT, as it can be a bit lonely there sometimes :P  

I don’t bite ffs! Don’t think Kj does either, well he might, if you don’t feed him beer from time to time ><

Oh yes, the Gnome has grown up, she’s a big girl now! Haha, reason nr one for the rogue was PvP, its fun with PvE as well, but rogue in PvP oooo me likes it! Hehe,

Playing a bit arena with Hollybligth, and well, with my shit gear, id say we did good x) but stupid Dk’s, pallys and droods keep messing our rating up x( anyways, we are a small but friendly gang, that sometimes farm the odd battlegrounds, for marks, honor and a good time:) if you have a “PvP player” deep inside your stomach don’t hesitate to join sometimes :)

It’s probably more stuff I can write, but just got home from night shift, so I’m kind of sleepy

Anyways, give me a poke or some of the other officers if there is something that’s on your mind :)

Sorry for shity typing and crappy English, early in the morning, and hey, its me, Stu xP

Hugs and Kisses from Stu and the rest of the Officers :)

Ps: if you ever come back Wryn, the gnome is waiting for you, and is ready to bite you kneecap’s of! 

and one more ps:

Working on a new project, not saying more than it hopefully is out in the starting of next month, so stay tuned!

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